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Lab News

07/2019           Atish got into medical school and has left the lab to pursue his medical training. Congratulations!

05/2019           Aparna published a review on lncRNAs in stroke in the journal NeuroMolecular Medicine. Congratulations!

04/2019           Asad Ghani joined the lab as a Post-Bac Research Assistant.

02/2019           Ashutosh chaired a session on noncoding RNAs in stroke at the 2019 Intl Stroke Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

01/2019           Tara Sajadian and Luiza Khassanova joined the lab as Undergraduate Researchers.

08/2018           Atish Gandhi joined the lab as a Post-Bac Research Assistant.

05/2018           Sunil was interviewed as Visitor of the Week at the 2018 Regulatory and Non-Coding RNAs meeting at Cold                                 Spring Harbor Laboratory! Congratulations! Click here to read his interview.

05/2018           Sunil's published a paper in the journal Molecular Neurobiology. Congratulations!

06/2018            Mahen Bandari and Hersh Ranpura joined the lab for a summer internship.

04/2018            Dr. Aparna Akella joined the lab as a postdoc.

01/2018            Kristy Garcia and Ahmed Aly joined the lab as undergraduate researchers

09/2017            The lab published its first paper in the journal Neurobiology of Disease. Sunil is the first author. Congrats! 

09/2017            Diandra Ruiz is selected as a NASA Fellow through the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium. Congrats!

08/2017            Sunil's abstract was one of ~200 abstracts selected for the 'Hot Topics' book of the 2017 Annual Meeting of                                  the Society for Neuroscience. Congratulations!

08/2017            Diandra Ruiz joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

07/2017            John Amato and Sandhya Shankar joined the lab for a summer internship.

08/2016            Emily Prendergast joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

08/2016            Dr. Sunil Bhattarai joined the lab as a postdoc. 


06/2016            Rida Aziz joined the lab for a summer internship.

05/16/16           Fabrizio Pontarelli joined the lab as a technician. 

03/01/2016       Dharap lab opened its doors!